From the recording Here Comes Old School

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This is my First DC Go-Go Christmas Song long Dance Version. A Single short Radio version is out separately.


Christmas Cheer

Oh woo, woo, wooo the Holiday is here
Oh wooo, wooo, ooo, hooo, its Christmas Cheer (repeat)

Christmas feels us up with love and joy
To us all yes little girls and boys
For we pray to our Lord of Lord
And look to our God to bless us with more

Oh woo oooh, ooo, the Holiday is here
Oh woo, wooo, ooo, ooo, its Christmas Cheer
Oh woo, ooo, woo, oo, ooo, hooo, its Christmas Cheer
Oh, woo, woo, ooh, hooo, the Holiday is here.

Woo, hooo, hooo, I love Christmas
Oh, hooo, wooo, wooo, hooo, say you love it too
Oh woo, hooo, hooo hoo our Saviour is born
Oh hoo, woo, hooo, woo Jesus Christ for sure


Break Down
Cheer, Ohh, hoo, hoo, woo, woo, its Christmas Cheer
Cheer, Oh oooh, oooh, ooooh, wooo, hooo, Che---er, the Holiday is hereā€¦
Cheer, Oh wooo, wooo, oooh, oooh, oooh ,ooooh Che---er, Christmas Cheer
Cheer, oooh, hooo, ooh, ooo wwoo, wooo, wooo, its Christmas