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Last Track 6 is the favorite already released in 2016 Spoken Word of a Female seducing her Man and showering him with love and praise.


My Valentine Love2

INTRO: Uh hum, Hello My Love, My King, My Everything
Sing: You are… my Valen…tine ……, My Love
And I want, I wanna make you forever mine…….. My Love

Oh Honey, You know, you are my King of Kings, my Lord of Lords
You blessed his Holy name, at the door
Because you are so rich in Love, and I want more
You know God is forever with us to selfishly horde
Be my Valentine, Oh Lord, because my love is forever yours

And You know, I gotta have you, because you put it on me,
And now, I can’t get enough of thee
So, my heart skips a beat when you I see
You rock my world to the tee
That I will die for you and for me
SING: Cause you are my valentine, My Love

My Darling, you are my Love, my Valentine
You are my wake me up time,
You my do it to me any time
You my can’t get enough time
You my fill me up with your love time
And you are my quitting time,
You are always right on time
For real, you are my valentine, My Love

And… You are my Valentine all year long
That’s why I am reciting this song
You know my heart skips a beat when you call me on the phone
And I get real …. happy when you come home, Yeah
SING: And, You are my valen..tine…….. my love
And I wanna make you forever mine……..

Hey Love, I’m telling you that no rain, no storm
Will prevent me from loving you every day in any form
Our love shall never ever be torn, cause
You knock my boots so early in the morn
Sweetheart you know how to flex that muscle, yeah
You know you put it on me without a tussle
You know I like it, a little ruffle
With your soft and tender touch, you got that hustle

Sing: You are… my valen ..tine……… my Love
And I want … I wanna make you forever mine…….
©Esther C. Mayberry 2014