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Track One is opening introduction to Album expressing how deep she feel for her Man.



See the type of Man I Like
He can rock the mic
They don’t curse and fight
They show love and that’s tight

If you wanna get with me
And be my King
You gotta step up your Bling
And give me a Ring

Cause my love is for real
That you can’t steal
It from a man who got it sealed
With respect, love honor and a full coarse meal

He is my King Ding-a-Ling on the Go
He is my way maker and that’s for sure
He is my sunshine and moonlight Show
And he is my Man, my King, my Lover to know

Fellas don’t take it personal and to the heart
I love the Man that steals my heart
I will love him until the very end starts
I will never love another or part
Cause He and only He stole my heart
©2018 Esther C. Mayberry